Stina Herberg

Stina Herberg is the director of Richmond Vale Academy.  Stina was  born in 1968 in Rjukan, Norway and has worked with development and environment projects in several countries  including Angola, Mozambique, Denmark and USA.

She had horses as a hobby for many years and trained  several “troubled” and “shut down” horses and studied clicker training, western reining, feel horsemanship, academic art of riding and barefoot trimming.  After taking up a new work challenge in the small island of St. Vincent in 2007, she ran into the herd of wild, abandoned and abused horses, which challenged her to find new ways of training and understanding horses. Stina studied with Carolyn Resnick from 2008 and was a Carolyn Resnick Certified Instructor from 2010 till 2014. These years had great influence on Stina’s liberty work. She continues to be a student of horses and nature.

Stina is part of The Independent Liberty Trainers Network.

Stina speaks Norwegian, Danish, Swedish, German, Portuguese, English and can understand and read Spanish, so you are welcome to email her in any of these languages.


 Follow the Way of Freedom
– learning the leadership the horse is drawn to