fullsizeoutput_2466We filmed our journey connecting with horses under saddle and it is now available for you to watch.

We are right now making our rainforest trail riding program in which you can participate in a few months from now.

There are many things to consider before you want to ride your horse.

The horse need to be ready, the rider needs to be ready and I think it is only nice to ride a horse if the horse would like to ride with you.

This has been a beautiful journey and it has worked well with three of my horses for them to just carry a rider. One thing is to start a horse under saddle, another thing is to train the horse to carry a rider and perhaps the most important is to train the rider. Becoming a good rider is not easy and takes a lot of guided practice.

The rider needs great balance, focus, body awareness, patience, strength and flexibility. If you like to be a good rider for your horse, it’s important that you take the time, train your discipline to get fit for your horse.


Thank you.



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