I cannot teach you how to ride.

What I can do is to share with you our journey, as happy amateurs on an island with no riding instructors, on untrained horses,  how we connected under saddle.

I think it is only nice to ride a horse if the horse would like to ride with you.

Here are some videos how we started our horses under saddle. This has been a beautiful journey and it has worked well with three of my horses. One thing is to start a horse under saddle, another thing is to train the horse to carry a rider and perhaps the most important is to train the rider. Becoming a good rider is not easy and takes a lot of guided practice.

The rider needs great balance, focus, body awareness, patience, strength and flexibility. If you like to be a good ride for your horse, it’s important that you take the time and dicipline to get fit for it.

Here are some videos from our journey connecting under saddle – you are welcome  join us for the next chapters.

Kind regards Stina

Chapter 1 – Visualization

Chapter 5 – From the beginning with Elena

Chapter 7 – Preparing to Sit Up

Chapter 11 – Balance with Elena

Chapter 12 – Game with Elena

Chapter 14 – Starting Jack

Chapter 21 – Trail Training Elena

Chapter 25 – Elena’s first Trail Ride

Chapter 27 – Trail Training Jack

Chapter 28 – Trail Training Darling

Chapter 30 – Another Kind of Ride

Chapter 31 – in the making…..