Our Eco Center

Welcome to the Authentic Caribbean!

The Richmond Vale Academy’s Diving and Hiking Center is located close to several nature walks, waterfalls as well as the beach.

The Academy is situated on the North Leeward Coast of mainland St. Vincent. During the English colonial times it was an estate used for various export crops such as sugar, copra (coconut oil), banana and arrowroot. The Center consists of a total of 4000 sq.m. (43,000 sq. feet) of buildings and is situated on a hill above the Wallibou River, overlooking the Caribbean Sea.

We have several verandas, a fitness center and a common area with a dining hall. Most of the food is grown organic and bought local. The intensive vegetable garden, herb garden and forest garden are just a few steps away and we offer garden tours. Water for the garden is harvested from the roofs of the center, the hot water and electricity comes from solar energy. Waste water is recycled through a grey water system.

What to do at our center;

  • Hike the La Soufriere Volcano
  • Organic Gardening
  • Teach Sustainable Living
  • Scuba Diving
  • Hiking
  • Yoga and Meditation

For more info visit the Center’s Richmond Vale Eco Center

Stina takes us through the amazing Forest Garden



  1. Please inform when you learn of Susan & Dreamer ‘s reunion.
    Prefer to hold them up in most positive energy for a happy conclusion to their story.

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