Online Coaching


Online Coaching coming in 2015
Looking for Online Coaching?

We are happy to announce that it will be possible to do online coaching with Stina starting this fall.

Stina offers one to one lessons in Communication with Horses at Liberty.

After eight years of living with a wild herd of horses, liberty studies and teachings, Stina is excited to be able to offer this new program. From anywhere in the world you will be able to talk to Stina and get access to a number of videos in how she connected with her wild horses and learnt their language. Stina is a gifted and passionate teacher that can help you and your horse improve your connection, understanding and co-operation.

1 online lesson cost US$ 38,- and it takes place using Skype.

Read about Jonna’s experience with online coaching.

Money back guarantee – if you can not use the advices from your questions on the Skype call, you will get your money back.


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