Meet the Horses

At our center  you can meet our 7 amazing horses.
At our center lives Jack, Spirit, Magic, Elena, Ayiti, Kadoo and the latest… Seonaidh (Shoni) who just arrived..

Jack, gelding, apr 16-20 years
Magic, Mare 14 years.
WhatsApp Image 2018-08-25 at 18.38.17
Kadoo, stallion, one year old.

Shoni, apr 6-8 years, gelding from April 2018
Horsemanship Caribbean
Elena, mare 12 years.
Ayiti, mare 6-8 years old. 

Lessons we can learn from the horses:

Magic: Excellent, energetic liberty dancer for the advanced student.
Jack: Very good in teaching trust and setting boundaries
IMG_7238 (1)
Ayiti (left): Teaches lead mare behavior, herd dynamics and awareness.
Spirit: Great teacher in body language, awareness, handling of energy and lightness.
Elena: The best teacher in companion walking, eye contact and how to start liberty dancing.
Shoni: We learn what to do to help a horse recover, build personality, communication skills and also how to handle big energy.  Shoni was just gelded and has his full expressive stallion behavior.
Kadoo: We learn how a foal is raised in the herd and which of these lessons we as human liberty trainers can use for what.

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