Meet the Horses

At our center  you can meet our 6 amazing horses; Jack, Spirit, Elena, Moonlight , Kadoo and the latest… Seonaidh (Shoni).

Jack, gelding, around 20 years, at the center since 2007
Magic – 2005 – 2019 – RIP

RIP Magic

Horsemanship Caribbean
Elena, mare 13 years, been at the center since 2007
Moonlight, mare – 12 years. Been at the center since 2007.
Kadoo, stallion two years, came to our center September 2017
Shoni, 7 years, at the center since April 2018

Lessons we can learn from the horses:

Jack: Direction and boundaries
Spirit: Great teacher in body language, lightness and awareness
Elena: Companion walking, eye contact and beginning of liberty dancing.
WhatsApp Image 2019-12-03 at 8.44.58 PM
Kadoo, stallion, 2 years. Dealing with young and playful energy. 
Moonlight: Clarity, patience and leadership. 
Shoni: Flexibility, Trust and Calmness


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