Ayiti & Kadoo

On the 17th of September two new horses, Ayiti & Kadoo, joined our herd. On this page you can follow their lives and liberation. Liberation comes in many forms such as liberation from fear, anger, hunger and disease.

Ayiti is a young mare of around 7 years and she is the mother of Kadoo who was born on the 24th of August. They came to us because their previous two owners could not, for unfortunate reasons, get around to take care of them.

The first two months Ayiti & Kadoo lived in a big field at the workshop and were just eating and getting to know their new home. Their health improved and they gained more trust as working student went to see and feed them fruits every day. After two months of settling in, we moved them for the first time to another field closer to the other horses and the center. By December they had meet Jack, Spirit, Elena and Magic and made a new family with two of the mares.

We are videoing the whole process and we hope you enjoy and stay with us from from the rescue to the magical dance and jungle ride.

Follow Ayiti & Kadoo – A Story of Liberation!

Chapter 1 – Arrival to the new Home

Chapter 2 – Gaining Weight

Chapter 3 – Trust and Energy

Chapter 4 – We Moved!

Chapter 5 – The Flag is Up in the Fitness Field. 

Chapter 6 – Warm Rays in the Walking Field



Next chapters:

Chapter 7 – Meeting Magic. Elena, Jack and Spirit
Chapter 8 – Pecking order, boundaries and making a herd with Elena and Magic
Chapter 9 – Learning from Elena and Magic humans are OK.
Chapter 10 – Learning to Walk properly between fields.