Working Student

92bf57cb-c778-4c26-bc7e-b5b8db53cf0cWe are regularly looking for volunteers, who want to spend 2-4 months or more at our Eco Center and take care of our small herd of horses.

Volunteers have a variety of tasks like grooming, riding, trimming, training  as well as picking up manure for the organic garden. The center is located in a remote area. The way the horses are handled is inspired by these horse trainers: Hempfling, Sabine Birmann, Carolyn Resnick and Linda Kohanov. Stina Herberg is an experienced clinician and has taught clinics in how to communicate with horses in USA, South America, Europe and the Caribbean.

You also to like to be alone  and on your own sometimes, as Stina is busy working as a teacher, project manager and headmaster. You need to be fit enough to manage the physical work. Interns  live together with the students at Richmond Vale Academy – Rooms are simple with no extras.

Volunteers do not pay rent but you have to pay for their living expenses – food and electricity. In 2018 it is 18 USD pr day.

Read more about the possibilities and expectations of becoming a volunteer at SVG Horse School here.

See videos of other volunteers here and read Louise, Johnny, Michelle, Anna, Margrete, Isa and Jonna’s stories;

Louise, Sweden – It was a magical show
Johnny, Colombia – Learning a new language
Jonna, Sweden – How horses changed my life
Michelle, Holland – Horses are my Dance of Life
Anna, Poland – Something changed  I instinctively knew what to do
Margrete, Norway – Being part of the herd was amazing
Isa, France – What if horses deserved the same rights as humans?

Contact Stina – – for more information.


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