One Month Course

You can participate in a one month course where you learn the language of horses, the waterhole rituals and natural horse management.

Period 1: Observing the Herd (10 days): Living with a herd Sharing Territory and learning the language of horses.

During the day you will observe the herd and see how they greet, how they share territory, how they lead each other from behind and how the lead mare uses eye contact to keep members alert. You will observe how horses set boundaries and also how they address wanted or unwanted behavior.

Elements of this period:

  • Sharing Territory
  • Understanding Lead mare behavior
  • Order, routines and life in the herd
  • Saying Hello
  • Using the reed or rope to ask for more space or set boundaries.
  • Understanding non invasive body language communication
  • Identify Horses Facial expressions
  • Natural Horse Management systems
  • Sunset and Sunrise
  • Recognizing tensions and release
  • Presence and Breathing
  • Observing and understanding licking, chewing and yawning
  • Mindfulness
  • The power of waiting
  • Spend the night with the horses
  •  Field Care and Feeding Routines

You will also have two books to read and 10 videos to watch on herd language available  which will support your studies in understanding of the language of the herd.


Period 2: Merging with the Herd (10 days): During the next ten days you will learn different exercises and interactions so you merge with the herd, deepen the trust, the bond and become “one” with the herd.

Elements of this period:

  • Intimacy Bucket Game
  • Halter Lessons
  • Stress free ways of feeding and moving a herd.
  • Why you own the space at the gate
  • Five piles of hay
  • Dealing with Fear and Focus
  • Conflicting messages and focusing on the “YES”
  • Reciprocal Movements
  • Treasure hunt
  • Identifying Horse “Personalities”
  • The entry point of connection
  • Understanding pecking order
  • Basic understanding of hoof care
  • Companion Walking Demo
  • Meditation at the River
  • Ritual for Appreciation and Connection
  • Ways to Teach Children about Horses
  • Darling and Danny – a love story.
  • Field Care and feeding routines

You will have another 10 videos available to watch featuring the language of the herd and the exercises listed in this period.


Period 3 – Practicing the Rituals (10 days)
In the last ten days you will continue to share territory and exercise several of the waterhole rituals with different horses.

Elements of this period:

  • Leading from behind
  • Eye Contact
  • Companion Walking
  • Liberty Dancing Demo
  • Ritual for Appreciation and Connection
  • The Waiting Game
  • The Banana (Carrot) Game
  • The WHR Under Saddle – my journey
  • How to start Riding at Liberty Demo
  • Rainforest Hike (or Ride) with the Herd
  • Considerations on Round penning, Lunging and Tack
  • Defining Natural Horse Management routines
  • Thoughts on Sustainable Horse Keeping
  • Field Care and Feeding Routines

You will have another 10 videos available to watch featuring the language of the herd and the exercises listed in this period.

I am working on developing Month course #2 – Riding at Liberty.
In this month course you will be able to dig further into the video library and have access to the full series of 1. “A story of Liberation” and 2. “Riding at Liberty” to study online. (50 videos)


Requirements: You need to be fit  to manage physical work like cleaning fields. You have to be over 18 years and have an ability to work and study independently.  Students  live  at Richmond Vale Academy  –  Rooms are simple with no extras.

The one month course costs; US$ 2,190.00 (includes food and accommodation)


Videos and blogs from other students here and here:

Zoe, Germany – Leadership that makes sense to the horse
Louise, Sweden – It was a magical show
Johnny, Colombia – Learning a new language
Jonna, Sweden – How horses changed my life
Michelle, Holland – Horses are my Dance of Life
Anna, Poland – Something changed  I instinctively knew what to do
Margrete, Norway – Being part of the herd was amazing
Isa, France – What if horses deserved the same rights as humans?

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