Lessons & Hikes

We offer;

  • Lessons in ‘Liberty Training’ and ‘Starting a Horse under Saddle’ for US$ 85.00 pr session. (Duration 2 hours)
  • Dancing with Horses Demo for US$ 35.00 pr person. (Duration 1 hour)
  • Natural Horse Management and Sustainable Horse Keeping Lessons for US$ 55.00 pr person. (Duration 2 hours)
  • Horse Hikes for US$ 65 pr person. (Duration 2-3 hours)

Many guests choose to combine horse lessons with hiking in the rainforest or to the volcano. Some try a discover dive or just relax in the beautiful setting surrounding our center. We are surrounded by amazing views in all directions. The sunsets are fabulous and the food is healthy with vegetarian and vegan dishes.

If you are more people please ask for a discount.

It is possible to book Stina for a clinic abroad or join our annual liberty training clinic called “Sahaja” at the center. The “Sahaja” clinic takes place in December. Contact us for more info about hosting or joining a clinic.

“I became calm and centred and I started to realize that my horses love this state of mind.” – Petra
“I returned home empowered as a lead mare.” –Michelle

“This Clinic was Amazing!”  –Amanda
“BIG Thanks from Marco, Michelle & ADI” –Marco