Effusive Volcano Eruption and Evacuation

Our Horse School at Richmond Vale Academy is located at the foot of a 4000 ft Volcano named La Soufriere. The volcano became active after more than 40 years of sleeping and is right now having an effusive eruption.
Effusive is not explosive, but effusive can become explosive.

Saturday 9th of January
The horses are calm, which I take as a good sign for now. We have 5 horses at the school right now.

We will evacuate Jack and Spirit tomorrow morning 05.30 by walking them 1-2 hours to Cumberland bay. There they will stay at John’s resturant and farm. Kadoo, Elena and Shoni will evacuate later, still looking for location.

Sunday 10th of January.
At 05.30 this morning we started walking two horses to the Cumberland area. It was a three hour walk with challenges as Jack and Spirit are not used to village life, so there was alot for them to take in of new impressions. Walking on the paved hard road was also new so they were pretty tired when we arrived. Upon arrival they meet the two mares Moonlight and Ayiti who they will make new family with. Location for Kadoo, Elena and Shoni found in Buccament Area.

Monday – 11th of January

Short video from the walk with Jack and Spirit

Meeting Ayiti and Moonlight who has been there since October 2020

Wednesday – 13th of January

We have found a place in Buccament for Elena, Shoni and Kadoo and we will probably take the six hour long walk this weekend.

January 20th
Jack and Spirit have settled well with the two other horses in Cumberland. We are so happy for this solution.

February 2021
We decided to wait to move the last horses as the scientists measuring changes on the Erupting La Soufriere Volcano, say it is likely that a 24 to 48 hour warning is possible. This means that we keep the horses here until an evacuation order is given. The volcano continues her effusive eruption. We are preparing the place in Buccament where the horses will go to incase of evacuation.

Horses can also be a good “alarm” so as when the horses are calm, there is a good chance there is no volcanic changes. In 2010, when we were struck by hurricane Thomas, it was the horses that warned us. One day before the hurricane the horses were totally out of control and impossible to “talk” with, we never saw them like that before and started to research and were alerted on a possible hurricane arrival.

We moved the horses that time to the football field so they would have big space to escape flying objects. All the horses made it through the hurricane, only one had a bit of a bad foot for some days, but recovered fine.

March 26th, 2021

The volcano continues to erupt effusively. Kadoo, Shoni and Elena are still at RVA, but we have secured an evacuation field for them in Buccament – one hour drive / 8 hour walk from the school.

The scientists who measure all volcanic activities estimate (but here are no guarantees ofcourse) a 24 to 48 hour warning in case of eruption. This means we will have time to evacuate the horses.

Having horses and animals can be a good warning in itself as they are able to pick up some signals that we humans cannot pick up.

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