Five – 2020 Highlights!

This year is coming to an end and here I would like to share five remarkable developments that took place at our small horse school here in the Eastern Caribbean in 2020.

Working students, clinics and lessons
Margaret from Norway , a unique emerging horse trainer came as the first ever working student in 2010. There has been many since and inspite of Covid a few even made it this year of 2020.
I have to give many thanks to Tovi and Julia – it was wonderful to work with you and the horses enjoyed your company very much. I really wish that we will meet again, both of you have some special gifts with horses, keep developing and using them.
We had to cancel the 2020 Sahaja clinic because of Covid, but we will do all we can for it to happen again in 2021, so make sure to stay tuned for that one.

School for Children
More than 40 Children from across St. Vincent came to learn about horses. The lockdown made more people look for learning opportunities in St. Vincent and many found the way to our horse school. We are the only horse school on the island. To develop the program we asked for donations and The Lions Club in Rjukan Norway donated to this development both for a new shelter and for scholarships for students to join the school. Enjoy a video from one of the Saturday schools in July.

Riding Program
Many rides were given by Elena, Moonlight, Shoni and Jack this year. We created a farm trail, a small forest trail and good pasture areas to ride in. This program has been possible to develop because we have rehabilitated many hooves and we decided to go in the direction of riding. Most years our horse school has had the purpose to teach the language of horses and how to behave around them. We are now able to do both and that is really nice. It’s been a journey and even the Minister of Agriculture could enjoy a short ride and photo shoot on Jack.

I learnt to trim and some of the unbalances are growing out, trush is under control, nutrition improved again. Especially Jack and Shoni have more energy from their new footwear! It is a facinating and learningful process. This year I have had two very good hoof trimming teachers – Matt from Australia and Lockie from Poland. I have found lots of help on several FB hoof support pages.

Our young stallion Kadoo
Kadoo turned 3 years in August and in 2021 he will start his training to become a riding horse. In the beginning of this year Kadoo lived with two mares and a gelding. At a point, Kadoo got a bit too much for the two mares Elena and Moonlight, so we separated him from them. He then lived with Shoni for a while. After all we have kept him a stallion and he will go after the mares at the right and also not right occations. To teach Kadoo some life lessons and to respect mares more we merged him with Ayiti and Destiny for three months. Destiny is the neighbor’s mare and she would the “strongest mare” of the valley.

Here is their encounter – watch it and you can see Kadoo got necessary lessons to understand what “no” means. Kadoo is living in the forest field with Shoni now and they are good buddies. We will continue his training next year. I mostly focus on building a connection and get the hooves in super shape for his riding training next year.
Keeping a stallion has new challenges, new learning which is very learning ful. Even if both Jack and Shoni have stallion behavior, they are gelded and in Kadoo I see new behaviors.

Green Dreams through excellent media attention
Our dedicated team continue to develop eco tourism and ecological farming models for others to follow. With less students, courses and guests we have had more time to develop the farm and renewable energy systems. We created bigger areas for the sheep, built new horse shelters, upgraded the off grid solar system, shaped up fields and raised funds for more climate compliance projects to benefit the people of St .Vincent and the Grenadines. Rewards come in many different forms and shapes and when Lebawit published this article in Cacique Airline magainzie – we got really happy and grateful. Thanks a million and enjoy the reading – follow this link article starts at page 40 … and Jack is in the article as well with his student Lily!

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