Welcome to the Horse School!

SVG Yurumein Horse School is open on Saturdays from 09.00 – 15.00 and you are welcome to join us.

In the first lesson you will learn how to greet the horse, how they live and what they eat. Then you will walk the horse and have a ride in the garden while the horse teacher guides the horse.  If you like to learn to trail ride, then you come back for a number of lessons until you are ready.

We have some nice trails right here at the farm and longer trails to the ruins of the old Sugar Mill in Lasham or to the Palm Trail. You can look forward to that!

One lesson for people from St. Vincent cost 35 EC dollars.

The weight limit is 70 kilos for riders, if you are over 70 kilos, no problem, we have many lessons from the ground including swimming with horses and bathing at the river.

Whatsapp +1 784 492 4058 to book a lesson.

Enjoy a few images and videos from the last month’s students.



Swimming with Horses


Lessons on the Ground




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