The path to the mountain and self realization.

Happy Holidays to all from SVG Horse School at Richmond Vale Academy!

The year coming to an end has been another remarkable one and we have finally found the way to ad  trail rides our program. The rides will be offered to people who come for liberty courses or lessons so before riding, we know the horse, how he operates and we have also gotten to know each other.

Here is a small video to thank Eszter for the amazing work she did with the horses from September to December. We also like to give thanks to the horses who allow us to ride them.

The video is called the path to the mountain and the path to self realization.

Self-realization is realizing ourselves as a part of an intricate web of living relationships.  I believe that to be our true selves. In  many ancient traditions have thought that of as  truth. That is the essence at the heart of many spiritual traditions; that we are at one with the universe, with all living beings in the living world.

When we cut ourselves of from that reality, when we allow ourselves to think, to think of ourselves and live in a way where we feel separated from that, we can become frightened. We can feel inadequate, needy, inferior and unseen – in that process we become hungry for power, greed and hungry for control.

If we allow ourselves to develop a sense of self in relationship to the living world; when we grow up in contact with animals, with the soil, with the river and the ocean, with the trees in the garden as a part of everyday life, we realize ourselves as part of something alive, as part of something much bigger than ourselves.

This is a very joyous experience, it’s a very positive experience and encourage us to protect life.

Thank you Eszter! Thank you Julia and Jesper for the wonderful images!

Kind regards Stina & the herd.

Eszter and Elena on the Path to the Mountain

The song “Breathe” in the video is by Ajeet Kaur.

Show me the path that leads to the mountain

My heart is calling for her company
Wont you meet me where the river meets the sea
We have songs to sing and souls to carry home
For you’re born to fly in these wide open skies and I will wait and I will sing to the winds beneath your wings

Who am I to say if you should stay or run away
Oh be free my child to make your own way home
Breathe my love you have everything you need and more trust it, darling, the feeling in your bones
For you’re born to fly in these wide open skies and I will wait and I will sing to the winds beneath your wings.


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