SVG – Yurumein Horse School is Open!


Welcome to SVG – Yurumein Horse School!

The school will be open every Saturday.

You can learn;
– How to feed, groom and care for horses.
– How to handle horses and walk with them.
– Once you have had 5 basic care for horses and horse handling lessons, you will be able to continue to a riding lesson.

Each lesson cost 15 EC pr person and last 40 minutes. The school is open for local youth and children only. Children need to bring an interested parent. If you like to bring a group, contact us for an offer.

The opening of the horse school has been possible because of a sponsorship from Tus-T Vincy Water!

Call 458 2255 or email to make an appointment 


Stina Herberg & Tishorn Edwards


** We will have an opening for a few  youths who want to work to earn for a lesson. (This work is manual like cutting grass, collecting manure or other kind of farm work)

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