Volunteer Horse Trainer Needed!

I need a volunteer horse trainer to train two horses for trail rides.

We are in the Eastern Caribbean, close to Trinidad and Barbados, on the small island of St. Vincent.

At our center we will offer trail rides to local children who are enrolled in our horsemanship, horse handling and liberty training course. We will also offer trail rides to our students who join our annual liberty training clinic so to get two more horses under saddle we are looking for a horse trainer.

We have six horses (two geldings, a stallion and three mares) that are mostly used for liberty training clinics and lessons. Oh they also really good carbon neutral lawn mowers and excellent compost producers!

The two horses had saddle and rider on now they need all the other basics for quiet trail rides in walk and trot.


  • experience in starting green horses
  • horsemanship skills
  • physically fit and able to handle hot and rainy weather
  • able to ride and train horses without bit
  • ability to enjoy simple living on an eco center in the bush
  • ability to enjoy living together with different people from across the world
  • ability to enjoy working with small island horses; green, sensitive and smart
  • ability to live without using alcohol and drugs (when at the center)
  • trimming skills (optional)
  • Minimum two months and immediate start.

You get:

  • Food & Accommodation
  • One Discover Scuba Dive (if you like)
  • A day hike to the active volcano La Soufriere
  • Two Hikes to nearby waterfalls
  • A tour of the amazing Botanical Gardens
  • A village tour visiting a number locals having sustainable permaculture gardens
  • Free participation in my annual Liberty Training Clinic if you are here in November/December
  • Lots of organic fruits right off the trees every day…


I look forward to hear from YOU – just write or call – let’s talk and find out what is possible.

Kind regards Stina


WhatsApp +1 784 492 4058



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