Magic’s Message – When horses say goodbye (R.I.P)

Words are hard to find.

Thank you, Thank you Magic
for all the lessons you shared with us!

With the rivers of tears we water the new grass.

Stina, Elena, Jack, Spirit and Moonlight


Song by Ajeet Kaur: Kiss the Earth

Walk quietly my love
Let’s kiss this earth we walk upon
With our steps

The moon she shines
In the silence of your mind
Close your eyes

YaYa La Luna
YaYa La Luna

What is the sound
Of the song in your heart
Listen Close

Dance wildly my love
Let’s throw our songs into the wind
And let them echo echo


  1. Stina… What a beautiful moving tribute … to a lovely magical horse. You have such a wonderful gift, to express and evoke an abundance of emotions through your photography and videos… Years later it is your photo I use on my facebook profile. Which of your horses is in the photo with me? Thank you for sharing Magic’s Message… Sending continuing Peace, Love and Joy to you and your Herd XOX Amy

    • Dear Amy, thank you so much for writing! The horse you connected with mostly when you where here was spirit, but we did play with Magic in the Garden. Spirit also took you to the river – she is fine and waiting for you to come and visit her again!

  2. Ohhhh what a sad new my dear Stina. Your video is a wonderful
    Tribute to such a special
    And magical horse
    A big hug from my heart

    • Rosanna, thank you so much, really appreciate it. It happened so fast. I saw her sick sunday mid day and in the night she was dead. She only suffered these hours. It was good to have the vet do a post mortem, she had trouble with several organs such as heart and intestines and would have died due to this sooner or later. This knowledge left me with a big peace and gratefulness.

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