Liberty Dancing – Waterhole Ritual #7

This ritual is energizing and liberating!

I always enjoy teaching others how to dance with horses, if you give time, drop your agenda and learn to be more present you can also learn to dance with horses.

The two way joyful relationship horse to human, human to horse that is created from a deep friendship is a “magical connection”. When a horse matches your movements at liberty and you both work together as a team then a “magnetic connection” is formed. It’s like there is a “glue” that keeps you and your horse bonded together.

I came across Carolyn Resnick and her Waterhole Rituals in 2007 by finding Stormy May’s documentary “The Path of the Horse”.

In this movie several amazing horse trainers were featured and I listened to Mark Rashid, Klaus Hempfling, Linda Kohanov, Nevzorov and Carolyn’s stories on how to create a deeper connection with horses. I loved every minute of this movie.

In the following years I had the opportunity to study and teach The Waterhole Rituals and to Liberty Dance with my herd of Wild Horses. This was a big achievement for me and it’s been wonderful to be able to share that with hundreds of students.  The seventh  ritual really feels “magical”. By practicing the other rituals and spending a lot of time learning from how horses live and behave in a herd, it is possible for anyone to achieve this heartfelt connection with a horse and “dance” with your horse.

Dancing with your horse is a spontaneous interaction (SAHAJA) by leading your horse in a playful manner at liberty.  Practicing a dance will increase unity and harmony for whatever job you may suggest for your horse after.  From the working bond you have established through the other rituals, you can direct your horse easily to dance with you in unity.

From playful spontaneous practice, you develop an ability to connect to one another like a dancing couple.  You encourage your horse to run, walk, or trot away as he chooses, and then call him back when you catch his eye in the same manner you do with the EyeContact Ritual.

With practice, you can direct your horse around you at liberty controlling the patterns gaits and tempos of your horse. Horses in nature playfully direct each other in open fields expressing their joy.

Enjoy a few videos with Liberty Dancing!

Kind regards Stina and the herd


Carolyn Resnick Liberty Dancing

Click here if you cannot view the above video

Liberty Dancing with Darling and Jack

Liberty Dancing with Moonlight

Liberty Dancing with Elena

Liberty Dancing with my herd


….and our Annual Liberty Training Clinic starts 30th of November
… and here is the location!


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