Horse School Developments 2019

Dear Horse Friends,

I am excited about 2019 and all the new developments that will happen here.

We start out the year with seven horses Jack, Spirit, Magic and Elena – and the newcomers of Ayiti, Kadoo and Shoni. Now most of them can live together and all have settled well in different family groups.

Ayiti is ready for her training and Shoni has come quite a long way already. Jack and Spirit continue be the best for the SVG Horse School for children and they take children for a garden ride and a dip in the river.

The Horse Club ready to take Jack and Spirit to the beach!

By the end of this year we will have both Shoni and Ayiti under saddle and offer gentle trail rides to horse students. During the year you will also meet a few new working students who come to get to know our amazing herd, learn the water hole rituals and how to apply them under saddle.

For the 2019 Sahaja Clinic, I am going to co-host it with another horse trainer and will announce that in a couple of months.

Looking forward to share more news with you as we move into another exciting year here at Yurumein (SVG) Horses School.

Kind regards Stina

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