Ayiti, Kadoo and Shoni: Happy Holidays

Dear all working students, clinic participants, friends and contacts!

Another year has passed and we are once again having alot of progress.

Ayiti has been really good getting her halter on and moving between fields, while Kadoo is growing up and ready for his sterilization in January. To get  ready for the holidays, we decided to keep the herd in two groups instead of three, so today we put Jack, Spirit, Ayiti and Elena together. Watch the video and see the interesting interactions between the horses. Jack and Spirit have not been together with other horses for about three years, so there was a bit of drama and figuring out who is who setting the new roles in the group of four.

Shoni and Kadoo was happy to have Magic join them, she’s a pretty girl and also Magic has been wanting her own family for a while and she’s got that now so lets see how that all develops.

Always fascinating studying herd behavior.

We are doing a set of new ground work exercises with our new  online coach that you can learn more about soon. We are training Kadoo in different ground work skills and Shoni is learning to be a riding horses.

I train all exercises with Magic first, so i train her and my self, before I work with Shoni and Kadoo – this works very well.

So here is video #1 of the two new groups – talk to you soon again and a follow up video will come soon.

Happy Holidays from St. Vincent!

Stina and the herd.



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