Eye Contact – Waterhole Ritual #5

Fifth Ritual is called Eye Contact and this is building attentiveness. Eye Contact builds focus and responsibility. Practicing this Ritual creates a deeper connection through the awareness that it creates. From doing the Eye Contact ritual your horse will develop a desire to know where you are at all times. You gain a leadership position in the horse’s mind because in nature animals must keep an eye on the leaders.

This makes communication easier as well, because your horse will always be paying attention to you. It also builds confidence in a shy horse.

You can see this Waterhole Ritual in action when horses are grazing in a herd while playing their pecking order games.

It is good to use some caution as this ritual can cause a dominant horse to become more dominant if they misunderstand the reason you are allowing them to eat. If this happens, start back with the fourth ritual and alternate between the two.

2013-01-13 Horse Lesson_0061_bea



  1. I don’t remember this ritual so well. I was hoping to get more instructions from the blog. Do you have another post that explains this ritual more in detail? Kram Jonna

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