Leading from Behind – Waterhole Ritual #4

The fourth ritual is called Leading from Behind and helps the horse gain willingness and work ethics.

Leading from behind with Jack – Waterhole Ritual 4

Leading from Behind builds a willing attitude and develops a natural work ethic in your horse. This Waterhole Ritual takes aggressive and fearful attitudes out of a horse. Horses naturally go between these attitudes as a way to get to know one another. Fearful and aggressive behavior is removed in a relaxed environment while creating a willingness in your horse to follow your lead. It also develops a strong work ethic in your horse and creates a well-adjusted personality.

When you are following behind your horse ask him to go forward periodically so you may take the leadership role in the course of him leading you in a relaxed manner. If your horse moves away too fast, you continue to follow at an amble so the horse will slow down and begin to trust and accept leadership at the same time. This exercise mirrors the herding instinct of horses.

Here is an example how to start using an exercise called Five Piles of Hay. We had flowers available and used that:


and another one with Sophie and Magic;


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