Companion Walking – Waterhole Ritual #6

The two way joyful relationship horse to human, human to horse that is created from a deep friendship is what we can refer to as a “magical connection”. When a horse matches your movements at liberty and you both work together as a unified team then a “magnetic connection” is formed. It’s like there is a glue that keeps you and your horse bonded together. So how do you create this bond and know how to keep the connection or bring it back when the horse drops it? In order to have magnetic connection and ultimately be able to Liberty Dance with your horse you need to develop the bond, the trust, willingness, work ethics, respect and attentiveness.

Through the practice of the Waterhole Rituals you can create a partnership that is in a good balance, just like a working team.

Elena and Magic are companion walking

Companion Walking is Ritual number 5 and the practice of the Magnetic Connection, which will deepen the bond and trust you can rely on while a horse is learning and performing under saddle. This ritual is a great test as you reconnect with your horse on a daily basis. Use it to see if the horse has a desire to connect and match your movements as proof that the magnetic connection is in place.

Magic and Rosanna Companion Walking

Use this exercise to activate the magnetic connection before riding and training to create a strong, connected partnership. Horses in nature go on companion walks as an enjoyable pastime. If the horse does not want to companion walk it can be re-established by practicing the first five Waterhole Rituals or whatever Ritual the horse is not responding to.



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