Taking Territory – Waterhole Ritual #3

The purpose of The Waterhole Rituals is two fold. First, the human learns from the horse, and second, the horse learns from the human. The horse develops your horsemanship skills, communication, leadership skills, and how to go about developing a partnership with a horse while you are forming his character, and social responsibility and coping skills. You will be dealing with issues of what is fair, just, moral, and effective which in turn will shed light in how to win the support from your horse and how to go about training him and shaping his character to fit in harmony with you.

Horses take territory on other horses, here is Ayiti taking Elena’s and Magic’s Territory.

The Taking Territory Ritual I have only used a few times and it can be very effective. You can also do all the other rituals and skip this one, the reason why it can be a good idea to skip this one is that I would advice guides before using it. You need to know your horse very well and your own skills as well.

Taking Territory builds respect, manners around food and a strong gas pedal and brake. This ritual creates and returns respect from a horse without having to address the unwanted behavior at a time when the relationship is strained, disconnected and hostile. Lead horses use this Waterhole Ritual to control dominant anti-social behavior and as a way to return inattentive lower ranking horses to paying attention and to show respect. Lead horses gain respect from a dominant horse by chasing it off the spot where he is standing on when the dominant horse is relaxed and unaware of the lead horse. When the dominant horse gives up his spot, he returns to being polite and respectful without a battle. This exercise in its strongest measure needs to be applied with thoughtful caution.

Use it on horses that are dominant. Do not use it on horses that are fearful.   If applied strongly you only usually need to use this Ritual once or twice. Most horses respond well to it. If you feel you have hurt your relationship by using it, go back to the earlier Waterhole Rituals and the benefits from your mistake will be greater than your losses.
Your horses’ negative response will only bring you to a stronger bond. Choose your journey by listening to your heart on this one.  When you have Taken Territory, go back to the Say Hello ritual to rebuild the bond.

Leadmare Darling is going to move Elena off her spot when she don’t pay attention. 

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