Saying Hello – Waterhole Ritual #2

Saying Hello is the second of the Waterhole Rituals and it’s about building trust.

I use this ritual daily when i meet and greet my horses and it’s a basic ritual to teach in any of my lessons or clinics.  Saying Hello helps to alleviate any fears a horse might have for a human by demonstrating to the horse that you will communicate with him on his terms and respect his personal space when he chooses to be left alone.

It assures a horse that you will not take control of him against his will if he bonds with you. This ritual is most used by horses during their courtships. It is also used by lead horses who want to show respect to any other horse. This ritual lets a horse know who you are, what you want and how you operate, by walking away from him when he walks away from you.

From this interaction, he sees he can control your advancements. Your persistent attempts to Say Hello in this fashion cause the horse to understand that you want to form a friendship with him. This will win over a horse or repair a broken bond.

There is an entry point of connection and we will work with this during the SAHAJA Liberty Training Clinic. Working with this ritual you learn to observe the horse and understand how and when you can approach the horse for the “Hello”

Meet Christina from Austria who talks about her experiences learning the Rituals at our center in St. Vincent.

Christina: Stina’s videos reached my heart. I saw the horses in freedom without fear or force interacting with humans and decided to come to St. Vincent.

I learned a lot in these days in the Sahaja Clinic and we had a lot of fun and laughter. We made a very good time with the horses. I am at the beginning of my journey and would like to get further and need to learn to be more patient.

It is a perfect surrounding to learn here, it is very relaxed and the horses are very relaxed, there is no hurry and I was astounded how “open minded” the horses are. The horses are treated very well and are very willing to interact and gave you a very good feeling.




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