Sharing Territory – Waterhole Ritual #1

Sharing Territory with Jack (Photo by Emiliano)

I have studied and taught The Waterhole Rituals by Carolyn Resnick and would like to share a bit about each of these rituals in the coming blogs. During the Sahaja Liberty Training Clinics here at our center, I teach a combination of the Waterhole Rituals with other lessons I have learnt from my herd of wild horses.

Here is a small video from yesterday’s Sharing Territory in the rain where Shoni started to connect. I am building a relationship with Shoni and it’s coming along very well.

The rituals have been a powerful tool for me in connecting with my horses.

From the lessons I learnt on Sharing Territory:

” Creating the Bond through Sharing Territory Sharing Territory while reading, relaxing or meditating creates a deep bond, loyalty, and attachment through the companionship you experience with your horse in the moment of harmony and unity. This ritual creates, re-establishes, and deepens the bond by increasing your horse’s desire for your companionship. It is the ritual most used by horses with each other. This ritual is the glue and the foundation that the rest of the rituals and the magnetic connection are built upon.

From this ritual once the bond is formed, your communication to your horse will be clearly understood and you will not be seen as a predator from your interactions using the following rituals. For example, when you go to apply the third ritual, if Sharing Territory has created the bond, the horse will see you as a lead horse needing to get attention and respect rather than as a predator.

Do not move on to the rest of the Rituals until you can read what your horses is thinking and your horse respects you boundaries while sharing territory with him doing nothing. You also need to clearly see how this exercise work to empower your leadership and how you can use them to create the connection that you want.”

Here are a couple of videos of my students Sharing Territory in nature with the herd.



Sending many greetings from St. Vincent.

Stina and the herd.




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