Wake up your desire to change the world.
The commitment to act for the sake of all is growing.
A shift in consciousness is happening and
this shift takes place in the heart.
By refreshing our sense of belonging in the world
we widen the web of relationships that nourishes us and
we start taking collective action to create life-sustaining systems
for all beings on the planet.

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As a teacher I would like to inspire you with this blog – hope you will enjoy!

In the Agricultural Revolution ten thousand years ago, the domestication of plants and animals led to a radical shift in the way people lived. The Industrial Revolution took place only a few hundred years ago, a similar dramatic transition took place. Big changes happened in people’s lives as society was transformed, including people’s relationship with one another and with the Planet.

Right now people are waking up, a new desire to change the world is sweeping across the planet. Many call it the Ecological Revolution, the Quiet Revolution, the Sustainability Revolution, even the Necessary Revolution. It is crucial for the survival of all beings. It involves the transition from disaster capitalism, a doomed economy of industrial growth to a new life-sustaining society committed to the recovery of the planet.

Ideas that acting on the behalf of all life on Earth has been with a few but will soon become mainstream.  At our center we are doing our part to mainstream these ideas of acting on behalf of all life for future generations. We are one such organisation among one to two million organizations that are right now working towards ecological and social justice.


The commitment to act for the sake of all is growing, along with the vision, courage, and solidarity to do so with a large social movement of people marching history onwards!

People take actions to hold back and slow down the damage being caused by capitalism. Awareness is raised of the damage being done, as well as campaigns, petitions, boycotts, rallies, legal proceedings, direct actions and other forms of protest against practices that threaten our planet.

Their goal is to protect what is left of our natural life-support systems, rescuing what we can of our biodiversity, clean air and water, forests, and topsoil. Actions are taken to safeguard communities against exploitation, war, starvation, and injustice.

By taking actions lives, seeds, species and eco-systems are saved for future generations.

For every acre of forest protected, many others are lost to logging or clearance. For every species brought back from the brink, many others are lost to extinction. Protests are needed and along with stopping the damage, we need to replace or transform the very systems that cause the harm.

We need to rethink the way we as humans do things and its happening. Previously accepted approaches to healthcare, business, education, agriculture, transport, communication, psychology, economics, and so many other areas are being questioned and transformed. Social enterprises, renewable energy, sustainable agriculture, and ethical financial systems contribute to a sustainable society.

But this is not enough – a shift in consciousness is needed. At the core of our consciousness to care and have compassion for other beings and our sense of belonging to the one planet we have. A shift need to take place in the heart, the mind and view of reality. By strengthening our compassion, we fuel our courage and determination.

The state of the world with global warming and global poverty is a mess and it is hard to face this mess without going insane. By refreshing our sense of belonging in the world, we widen the web of relationships that nourish us and we start to take collective action to create life-sustaining systems and practices for all beings.

I hope this will inspire you to stand up and take collective action for the survival of future generations!

Much sunshine, rain and wind.

Stina Herberg
Director – Teacher – Activist






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