Ayiti meets Jack!

Ayiti and her son Kadoo, arrived in September 2017 to our center. They both needed a new home. First of all they just stayed along in a big field with lots of grass, to gain better health and settle in their new home.  Two months later we started to merge Ayiti and Kadoo with our herd and Ayiti meet Elena and Magic. They  started to form their new family. From the very beginning Ayiti was in charge and took her position as the lead mare.

When the young stallion, Shoni, arrived in May, we first of all let him settle with Ayiti. Ayiti taught him how to behave in the herd and this was very good for him. Ayiti and Kadoo is fine in their current family of five (Ayiti, Kadoo, Elena, Magic and Shoni)

In July, we though it was time for Ayiti to meet Jack.

Jack and Spirit live together and I doubt that Jack (male and live here twelve years) will settle with Shoni (the newcomer), but we though Jack could settle with Ayiti.

We were sure Ayiti would stay the lead mare but here is what happened:


It is fascinating to study the language of horses, how they form their families, how they set boundaries and use their pecking order system.

Learning the Language of horses is part of the Sahaja Liberty Training Clinic which happens ever December at our Center.


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