Feast & a new Forest Field

Dear friends,

The new horse club at RVA is very active and this week Agne, Lily, Martin and Bongo have made new fences, finished a new field, moved horses and had a big breadfruit family feast with Ayiti, Kadoo, Shoni, Magic and Elena.

Here is episode 23 of Ayiti & Kadoo – Family feast:


Here is Agne introducing Spirit and Jack to the brand new forest field – another feast.

It is cooler in this field because of the forest cover, the herd will enjoy eating here during the hot days and we get the last field cleaned up. Double happiness!


So for this week enjoy the videos and the images of happy horses eating and thus producing lots of manure for the organic garden.


Happy Horsing around!

Greetings from all of us at SVG Horse School


PS – there are still 3 more places for this years Liberty Training Clinic – SAHAJA – from December 1st till December 5th! Contact info@richmondvalehiking.com if you are interested.




  1. Hi Stina,

    How beautiful!! There is so much development with the horses, I’m very happy for you and the herd! Keep on going the good work😁

    Much love,

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