Sunrise Secrets

Stina-Herberg-on-St-VincentWhen the sun rises, darkness goes away and the sun’s rays go into every part and make the whole place enlightened.

In the same way, your being will be completely enlightened. But if you put in an effort at that time or try to some something within you it will not happen. Effortlessness is the only way into meditation.

When the sun shines, all of nature exposes itself to the sun and receives the blessings of the sun effortlessly.

It does not put effort. It just receives the sun. The sun’s rays start acting. In the same way, the present power starts working. Embrace the moment. Expose yourself to the nature, the sun, the birds and the sound of grazing horses.

Being in the moment, we think neither of the past nor the future.
We start enjoy being and are filled with the joys of our existence.

Most children know how to be in the moment and they also know how to be with horses. We can return to this ability, it is a natural ability we are born with. All we need to do is remember.

In this state of being, connecting with horses is effortless and natural. Through this state of being you create the bond and the trust. You can lead your horse from this bonded trust.

Enjoy some lovely photos of Kadoo, 10 months after rescue, with his new family of five.
We share the sunrise secrets and we share territory and connect.

The team at SVG Horse School

Photo by Manuela at Graceful Horses





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