Kadoo, Shoni and a new family of five

Since Shoni came to SVG Horse School lots of new learning has taken place. Learning for us at the center and also within the herd.

Shoni, a young stallion, mostly tied during his entire life of about 5-6 years, with an abusive background came to our center some two months ago. First he got vaccinated, then castrated, then he needed movement and a family so he could really settle before we start the training of him.

Video at arrival (which clips from the past):


Shoni first met Ayiti. We had separated Kadoo from Ayiti as time had come naturally to separate them. Kadoo was with Elena and Magic and we knew that Ayiti was the mare that could teach Shoni some manners and how to behave around mares.

After some time getting “adjusted” by Ayiti and learning to behave, we could ad Magic, Elena and Kadoo to the new family herd.

First we added Magic


Then we added Elena and Kadoo:



  1. Hi Stina, I don’t understand what those guys were doing to Shoni on the beach. How heartbreaking and cruel! And for what purpose and then he just stayed laying down. Suffering mentally and physically. How sad…. but what a heaven he lives in now!!!

    • Thanks for commenting Susan. Yes i am so glad this horse somehow made it here. Many people who train horses for racing, jumping, competitive dressage – carry out such violence on horses. Fortunately the world is waking up!

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