Meet Shoni & his new family

Shoni, a young stallion,  arrived about two months ago as he needed a new home.
We, once again, did not need more horses, but we made a new plan to work together with Tishorn – who would start taking care of all our horses along with the three of his own.

Shoni has a troubled background in the sense that he has been tied most of his life and also he has been used quite harshly do do tricks for tourists on the beach.

Upon arrival, he was quite distanced and stressed. We decide he should be gelded so he can get a family of mares and have some time to just be horse in a herd.

Eight weeks ago he got his tetanus vaccination and four weeks ago we gelded him.

Shoni has been able to look at his new family for this waiting time and finally yesterday as wound from the operation had healed we could merge him with his new family Moonlight, Destiny and Princess.

It was a nice learning process for us. I had thought Shoni would be a bit “aggressive” and “needy” on the mares as he has been very eager calling them loudly and as he has not been able to walk freely with mares before..  but here is what happened….


The mares; Moonlight, Destiny and Princess were quite dramatic while Shoni behaved very gentle and walked quietly away from the mares’ drama.

We are getting to know our new horse by witnessing his amazing personality.

More to come

Stina & Tishorn


29.05 – Shoni (left) walks away from Destiny, Moonlight and Princess

April – Shoni alone looking at the mares Moonlight, Destiny and Princess
01.05 – Field castration Shoni

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