Vlog – Kadoo meets Princess


Here at the Yurumein (St. Vincent) Horse School lot’s of new stuff is going on!
The next door local farmer, Tishorn, just started to work here last week and he brought the mares Princess, Moonlight and Destiny to the school. Princess,  one of mares is around 1.5 – 2 years young.

Kadoo is very playful and so is Princess therefore we put them together today and here is the first video. We’re making new groups of the horses to see who will fit together.

Right now plan to have Elena join Ayiti, Kadoo and Princess once they have settled, as Ayiti, Elena and Kadoo is a good group. Destiny and Moonlight will return to Tishorn’s farm where our new horse horse Shoni is right now. He just got his tetanus vaccination and is awaiting his castration in about 3 weeks. Shoni is a five year old stalling we will present in one of our next blogs.

Magic will join Jack and Spirit if Jack will let her in.

The we will soon have three groups of horses, one for riding, one for raising the young ones and one for various liberty work.

The riding group with be with Shoni and Moonlight who both knows how to carry a rider and then Destiny will learn step by step. By the end of this year we will offer gentle trail rides to youth who are in a learning about horses program.

So stay tuned…

Much sunshine from us in St. Vincent.

Jack, Spirit, Magic
Ayiti, Elena, Kadoo, Princess
Shoni, Moonlight and Destiny

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