Why you should not work your horse at Liberty


I though I wanted to share reasons for why you need to be careful working a horse at liberty, because some people might do things that are not safe for them.

Some people with little horse experience can think that sharing a heart connection and being on a spiritual journey buys them some form of protection and magic and that they can therefore forget the dangers of working around and with a horse at liberty.

Horses at liberty can be more dangerous than they are with tack because of their natural self expression, sudden movements, biting, kicking and their understanding that the are free to express themselves.  A horse interacting with you as he would with another horse could be dangerous.

Many horses are aggressive around food and they often run into each other and move each other off the food in a strong way.   Horses can also be fearful which can bring defensive responses and they can loose focus.

All these conditions are not a good thing if you don’t know how choose the approach and correct positioning that will keep you safe. Some people make the mistake thinking their horse is following their lead and they see their horse as playful in their expressive when the opposite is true. The horse is acting and aggressive manner but has not turned up the volunme yet.

Working with horses at liberty, requires a certain consciousness to stay safe.
It is not difficult to learn the lead mare lessons / waterhole rituals with me but I would always advice you to find an instructor so you and your horse can get the success and not misunderstandings.

When starting out learning liberty work it’s best to work with a mature, well trained horse you can manage easily with tack as well as without tack.  It is a long beautiful journey to mature a spiritual connection with your horse and develop the dance and partnership.

So that aside – I recommend anyone to get on this beautiful journey and start Your dance.

I would like to share a sunset dance I had with Moonlight a few years back.


Moonlight is the daughter of Magic and was born in the forest garden in July 2007. She stayed with us at our center until 2016, when she moved to Tishorn Farm. However wonderful circumstances brought us back together again.

Just last week she moved back here and will be part of our new rainforest trail riding program.

Stay tuned!

Kind regards Stina

oh and a few photos from Ayiti & Kadoo of course ….

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