Fight Cancer with Tara

Recently I had the pleasure to meet Tara, she stayed at our center to join the very first EPONA workshop with Anita and Cal. We did a video talk together and I hope you like it.
Tara is a fighter, she fights cancer and enlightens people to take control of their health.
Thanks Tara, your fight is needed.
Kind regards Stina


Recently I was blessed to get to know Stina Herberg, a very inspirational pioneer in the face of global warming. What really struck me about Stina and her mission is that she is making a difference in the world! While many of us feel overwhelmed by the sheer reality of global warming Stina is using her passion to make a difference!

Stina runs Richmond Vale Academy on the island of St. Vincent in the Caribbean and is helping the islanders create a more sustainable lifestyle. She also trains young people from all over the globe to help others live a more sustainable life.

Stina also adopted a herd of wild horses and trained them. Check out her blog which shares her journey with her beautiful horses: Stina’s blog.  A huge accomplishment she did was to stop GMO’s (genetically modified organisms) from coming to the island of Saint Vincent which was quite the feat!

Please watch this video to witness the whole story and be inspired! Yes we can make a difference with our actions!

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