A Journey to Self-Discovery

You can go on a journey of self discovery with horses, but there is more to it.
Here is an opportunity to support the young artistic film maker Akley in the making of a new documentary on the history of Yurumein – St. Vincent.

Back in a bit with a new blog on Ayiti & Kadoo and why you should not work horses at Liberty.

Happy Week

Stina and the herd.


This movie is by Akley Olton.

A journey to self-discovery. Hairouna, Land of the Blessed asks “Who am I?” A young man from the Caribbean nation, St. Vincent and the Grenadines, discovers that he is descended from “Black Caribs” who survived the genocide and exile during the English colonization. He goes around the island learning all that he can about his lost heritage from historians, activists and artists. But to gain spiritual reconciliation, he travels to Honduras to learning the language of his ancestors in the Garifuna communities of Central America.This road trip docudrama explores the relationship between traditions and modern culture in a deeply personal way. It documents the journey of the young protagonist as he seeks to find a way into the future, without forgetting the past.


I will have more updates on Kadoo very soon, he is progressing with Yukie and the team very well – I am so grateful to have him in my life.

Happy Weekend from Hairouna – Yurumein – St. Vincent.



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