Wake up Mom – Wake up World

Kadoo walks over to Wake Up Ayiti..too cute…

Now waking up  comes in many ways and forms, from the cutest to the more serious.
Here is a video I made a few years ago calling on saving on Mother Earth’s common resources also when it comes to Horses.

Horses usually don’t get very old. A Danish riding horse will in average become seven years old and a race horse about half of that. Often are horses who get sick, have an injury or have man made behaviour issues given up. These horses could often give us a new education if we took the opportunity.

Many horses that are given up could with more patience and care become well working happy horses. We can often hear about people getting a new horse and we see thousands of horses advertised for sale. Horses are often given up if they don’t jump high or run fast enough.

By easily giving up a horse I think you cheat yourself for a unique learning opportunity. Horses are very different and can teach you many things, they can teach you patience, humbleness, listening and communication and leadership skills, anger management, bodylanguage awareness and being, being in the moment and enjoying the moment.

Unfortunately the horse often become a commodity, a tool for people to use. A tool for fame, diplomas and money. In UK 15 000 horses are bread for the racing industry every year but only 5000 can be used, the other 10 000 cannot be used, they are slaughtered or often go from dealer to dealer. When the horse becomes a tool , its life will not have much value, this relationship affects people. Deciding over life in a way like this is not good for ones moral self and not a way to treat common resources.

It’s not about whether a running competiton between horses and people cannot be decent, but we cannot close our eyes and see thousands of horses being bread for no purpose at all and this do not serve our common future.

We need to consider how we take care of our recourses and consider our own practice.
What do we buy?
What do we support?
What practices should we change?
Our common resources are not endless and they are afterall – common.


Thank you for reading and have a good weekend.

Stina and the horses

The Sahaja Liberty Training Clinic 2018 will run from 1st till the 5th of December.
6 places are available and for this year we will include a longer rainforest ride with Elena and Jack, liberty training of the very young horse Kadoo, hoof theory and a list of individual lessons you decide.

Hope to see you here!

Kadoo: Mommy….wake up!


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