Sahaja 2017: My path to return back home

This is the second time I traveled to Yurumein, St. Vincent to learn with Stina about better communication and connection with horses for the magic to happen: a beautiful dance with horses at liberty.

Rosanna and her Caribbean “Donna”

What I love most about this method is how it has reconnected me with my true self, allowed me to be at the present moment and not from my mind but from my soul and feelings.

In some way, working with horses at liberty has been my path to return back home, leaving behind the ego and the need for controling everything. It has been by far an incredible life learning process that I never imagined – but I was looking for. I like the way Stina teaches, being very proactive and positive, all the time supporting your skills, and with a lot of joy, humor and kindness.

The magnificent nature in the place adds a lot of more magic to the learning process. It is the perfect place for learning how to connect and communicate with horses and yourself.

Sahaja 2017
SAHAJA 2017: Michelle, Magdy, Yukie, Stina, Rosanna, Charity and Elisabeth

The group of amazing women who attended the clinic was another gift I acknowledge very much. The perfect group for learning through other peoples life experience and view points.

I am very greatfull to the Universe for giving me this wonderful gift for a second time in my life!

– Rosanna

Untitled 22
Sahaja 2018 – Liberty Ride!

Dear Rosanna,

Thank you, Thank you, Thank you for your beautiful energy, positive attitude, warm heart and contagious laughter. So glad you could make it again! There was just so much beauty surrounding the clinic this year from rainbows, sunsets, moonlight, horses, breath, wind, rain, great women and the magical horses.

There are lots of ideas cooking for Sahaja 2018 already now including Liberty Riding, more hoof care, natural horse management, more Sahaja and don’t worry…..I will ad some Raike Lessons. You can probably take level 14 in about 6.54 minutes..

Much sun, heartfelt greetings and laughter

Stina and Magic (Your Caribbean Donna)


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