Sahaja 2017: Heartfelt, Warm and Uplifting

Yurumein St. Vincent and the Grenadines

Sahaja Clinic December 2017

Inspired and awed by the magic that was created at Sahaja clinic this December. Everyday Stina surprised me in another way in how she was so connected and patient with her horses. The beauty of the place is a whole other side of the magical story. I have been to St. Vincent but this is the first time I saw such the beauty that it held. The other participants of the clinic and the students of the academy made the entire experience so heartfelt, warm and uplifting.

Stina listened when asked for certain suggestions that everyone wanted to work on which I believe was a learning tool for all of us to discover in the way to communicate to the horses and with each other.

My next goal is find a place to stay still for awhile to have a horse and start to practice all of these amazing tools.

In total gratitude , thank you.


Charity with Elena and Magic and the  Five Piles of Moringa and Sharing Territory exercises


Dear Charity,

Thank you so much for joining. It was wonderful to have you here.
I would especially like to thank YOU for offering such great energy and amazing yoga classes, it spiced it all up and was appreciated by everyone.

Look forward to see you soon again.




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