Sahaja 2017: The Earth Is. The Heavens Are.

There is a mantra for being present. When you are truly present and governed by your heart it is easy to connect with horses.
Horses are naturally attracted by humans in this state of mind.

The annual Sahaja Liberty Training Clinic passed as a warm smooth breeze bringing learning & laughter, connection & consciousness, friendships & fun.

Michelle, Rosanna, Magdy, Yukie, Elizabeth and Charity I thank you so much from the bottom of my heart for coming all the way to Yurumein St. Vincent. It was wonderful to have the opportunity to spend these five days with you.

Hope you received much inspiration from Yurumein, The rainforest, The River, The horses and our time together.

Here is a collection of a few images you took during the clinic. More to come.

Much rain, sun and wind from Yurumein.



” Thank you Stina, A great video of your work. Thank you for sharing. The workshop taught me a lot. I am practising with my horses.  Thank you for all the advice and talks I was granted at RVA.” – Elisabeth K

“Thanks for empower me up!!!” – Rosanna G

“The entire experience was so heartfelt, warm and uplifting.” – Charity

“You gave me inspiration and lots of stuff to think about. It became more and more clear what my horses are up to and what they are telling me, that makes it easier to communicate. A big insight was to make it more fun, instead of correcting them with every wrong answer and now I’m more aware that actually I’m asking the wrong question.”  Michelle




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