Ayiti & Kadoo – Rescued!

I think seeing beauty in your everyday life is a key to live fully and joyously. We are surrounded by beauty all of the time – but we just don’t always allow ourselves the time to notice it. There is beauty in the sunrise, in the ocean, the river, the trees, the flowers, in music, love and friendship. Opening our eyes to beauty, we allow our hearts and our lives to be filled with it.

IMG_20170916_171140 (1)Beauty and her young black stallion just moved in, once again I had not planned new horses, as we certainly don’t need them. But there was a beautiful situation where we were needed, so we have just said yes to Beauty and her young son. When I arrived to St. Vincent in 2007 and had rescued the herd of wild horses, a young man,Tishorn, ten years at the time, came around to look at the horses. He rode over on his donkey stallion and was fascinated by the horses. Every year for eight years he asked me if he could buy one of my horses. This was a difficult question because how can you really sell a horse? I never sold a horse in my life.

However in the dry season of 2016, I let Tishorn buy Moonlight as Tishorn had also found another young mare “Destiny” and Tishorn had made pastures for them right here in the Richmond valley. In the beginning Tishorn had challenges learning how to make fences.

A few times Moonlight and Destiny ran over to say hello to my herd. This could get quite dramatic as Elena would want to get out and “line up Moonlight” while Magic wanted to make sure Destiny had the right place in the herd and Jack wanted the young girls to stay out so he could be in peace with Spirit….. Well after quite a bit of back and forth and Tishorn had finally gotten his fences in order, he also had also started his lesson on how to train a horse for riding. Very soon he was riding Moonlight to the village and back to Richmond. A few weeks ago Tishorn had gotten a new pregnant mare.

I went to see her and as she, in fact, looked very miserable, I decided to call her temporarily “Beauty”. She had been tied most of her years and was not very fond of people. Once you approached her she would quietly try to get away from you. According to Tishorn she had been in foal yearly for the past 5-6 years with no breaks in between. This had made Beauty look tired and a bit lifeless. She had, however, retained a beautiful spirit and glint in her eyes. You could see it once she would offer you a small look. Soon Tishorn soon ran out of grass and time and asked me to help him by taking over Beauty and her foal. I decided to help out and today Beauty arrived at our center with her youngster.

Beauty will soon be very beautiful.


“We don’t see the world as it is, we see the world as we are.” – Buddha

If we are depressed or unhappy, we don’t see the beauty in our lives. If our soul is happy and we are at peace almost everything seems beautiful.

More will come from Beauty and her son whom we have not yet named. It will be an exciting element to connect with the two at the Sahaja Clinic coming up on the 2nd of December. I really look forward to this clinic!

For some of you reading, see you very soon!

Sunshine and rain from St. Vincent.


Kind regards Stina


** Update – the two new members names are Ayiti & Kadoo

Tishorn riding bridle less  on the way to work
Tishorn and his Donkey giving a ride to a student
Moonlight, Tishorn, Isa and Donkey Jack

Sharing some beauty in these videos below.






  1. Congrats Stina to new family members! They are lucky to be at Richmond , with you and the rest I the horses ! It’s gonna be interesting to hear how it’s going. I’m very lad to read that Tishorn is Doug well with horses, he was so excited to have one when I was there! Beauty will soon shine like the rest of her environment and the little foal will have a lovely start in his life. So Wonderful! Best good lucks , hope to visit you not too far away! Many hugs and love

    • Hi Jonna, thank yo use much for your comment! We are also very excited and it was a great win win for all of us. New personalities, new learning, looking forward to share the next updates.
      Hope all is well with you and that you get to be around some horses too!

  2. So glad you saved Beauty and her foal!
    She will be beautiful now she is in your care. Are you going to call her foal Black Beauty?
    Thank you for great stories and videos!

    Have a Happy, Healthy, Safe, Peaceful, Prosperous, Successful and
    Blessed New Year in 2018 with your horses!

    • Hello Mimi!
      Happy New Year from St. Vincent – wish you all the best for this year and yeah it’s really exiting with Beauty and her son.
      I have named them Ayiti and Kadoo – a story of liberation – you can learn about their journey here: https://stinaherberg.com/kaduu/
      I will video their journey and share our lessons.
      Thank you for reading and all the best for this brand new year.

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