Norway Clinic 2017: Connection vs Control

Thank you all for joining my clinic at Jeanette’s Ranch Bilitt Gaard in Norway last  weekend. I am well back in St. Vincent and happy for the feedback from you who have already taken out your chairs and sat down together with your horses. I was amazed by all the progress that already happened during the weekend.

fullsizeoutput_285bSitting with your horse will really help you to get the vibration of the bond started. It will certainly also help you to open your heart and lose the need for having an agenda and desire to change your horse. As you spend time doing nothing with your horse you will get closer and closer to the mind of the horse.

You will learn to give up control and start looking for a dialogue and communication. As your awareness grows through building your connection, it will deepen the bond and joy to all what we seek to have.

While you are sitting in the field do not seeking interaction or control, just be. Even though it may seem a bit strange – it will build the bond you wish to share with your horse. This is the very first step to create a respectful, willing and attentive horse that fits in harmony with you.

Sunshine and Rain from St. Vincent.


Here is a video where I am sunset watching with Jack and Darling. In this video you also see great respect around treats, which is a key to use them.


Another video with the connection we all want to share with our horses. It’s 2008 and I am sunset walking with my mare at the Richmond Beach.







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