No muscles while working with my horses.

Back home again, reunited with my minis. Being away for two months helped me get rid of the patterns we had, I started to see them with different eyes. Two independent living beings with their own mind in their own world. Of course before I was aware of this but now Im capable of seeing them without any judgement or expectation more than ever before. To accomplish this I need self-awareness and self-connection. I started learning this about two years ago, when I was struggling trough life and had a hard time with my self. With good help I learned to be aware of my feelings and needs and healed myself.

In St.Vincent I went completely out of my comfort zone, it gave me more confidence and guidance to follow my path and find my way in life. It became clear that being with horses developed my emotional intelligence, intuition.
Stina taught me a lot about horses and communication. The main thing I do with my minis is hiking. But the difference is, I’m more aware, I’m aware when we’re connected or disconnected and because of that I can take responsibility in every situation, I can decide if I want to change something. Sometimes I decide to follow my horse and sometimes to lead. I follow my feel and keep the right balance. I’m more sensitive and capable of knowing what I feel.

Now I’m always start with focus on what I want to accomplish, I visualize the situation and how this will feel in my body, I have faith and expect that we’re connected and that she understands what I mean and will follow, and I developed more softness. I don’t need any muscles anymore while working with my horses.

When it goes different than planned, for example my horse has another idea and doesn’t follow, I follow her idea and take it in as information, I process what’s going on, think of what causes it and start focusing on what I want to accomplish. I take responsibility and give my horse the benefit of the doubt. I change something within myself and this will change my horses behavior.

One of Michelle’s Minis

When I ask something what’s new for my horse, or I feel tension or see that she has a problem with it, I take smaller steps and work through success. I always go back to what works instead of pushing her through. That makes our connection positive and much more willing.


Reflecting this I see I developed a basic attitude:
1. Focus, really feel what I want to accomplish.
2. Faith, expecting that they understand what I mean.
3. Softness, handle with care.

When this is right it doesn’t matter what happens, there will appear a natural solution for every problem or disconnection and than the magic happens, it feels like a magnet and everything goes smoothly and in a flow.

I came to st Vincent to learn more about the waterhole rituals but what I’ve learned goes further than any expection I could imagine before. I’m very grateful, thanks again Stina, Jack, Spirit, Elena and Magic for creating this place and all your wonderful lessons.

Michelle, working student, winter 2017.



Dear Michelle,

Thank you so much for your update. I think your mini’s are the worlds cutest! But when that is said, a horse is a horse, small and cute can also be small and rude… When we learn the basic language of the horse and understand how to behave around them, the relationship improves. We learn when to ask, when to listen, when to be flexible and when to set boundaries in the way which is needed in the moment.

It’s quite easy to get a really good relationship with horses and then the hikes and moments of being together is just so wonderful and healing.

All the best from here and you know you are always welcome back!

Much sun and rain from Stina, Elena, Jack, Magic, Spirit, Moonlight and Destiny.


  1. Dear Stina, thank you!! They are the cutest, and now they behave more polite, just because I asked..
    Hopefully I can come back in December, I’ll try my best❀️

    • Dear Michelle, yes super super cute. I really hope all can work out for December. I told Magic, Elena, Jack and Spirit already…..

  2. Hi Michelle and Stina! Gosh what a cute little horse! Thank you for the blog post! Very cool how much we can learn from Stina with very small , but so important means, with just some twists of the way of thinking and whops- we can go home to our horses, changed and get so much better connection, isn’t amazing!? Thank you Stina for giving these beautiful lessons. Good luck to both of you and hope you will make it back for December πŸ˜‰


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