Vlog: The Name Game

Dear all!

Thank you for following my blog, sharing posts and adding comments or questions. It all ads up to better relationships between humans and horses.

I am looking forward to the upcoming clinic in Norway in June and also the annual Sahaja clinic here in St. Vincent in December. We only have 6 places on this clinic so get in touch now if you are interested to join this amazing five day experience with horses in paradise.

Here at the center Elena, Magic, Jack and Spirit are grazing most of the time and I am their “horse girl and nanny” theses days while I await the next working student to arrive. It’s really nice and I am mainly working on learning how to trim so I am not doing much liberty work right now.


Moonlight and her new favorite friend Destiny is in a field nearby taken care of by the neighbor farmer. They’re happy and healthy and run over here every now and then…. ops ops.

Today I would like to share a couple of games with you that you can play with your horse (s) if you like to teach them their names, come when you call or just to improve your connection.

Hope you enjoy and I look forward to hear from you.

Kind regards Stina

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