Achieving a State of Calm

The Waterhole Rituals and the Lead Mare Lessons can create a a mutual trust and forever loyalty with a horse. Learning these skills also help us how to better communicate with other humans and other beings. There is a fine balance between the pause, the acting, the support, leading, following, speaking and listening;  all this, we can learn from horses.

When I studied and taught the Carolyn Resnick Method, sharing territory was a great way to learn to connect with horses. I still use this ritual when I am with my horses and through the lessons I teach.

I made this video in 2013 with inspiration from Carolyn’s blog on Sharing Territory;

“Losing sight of the sacred geometry in how to connect and communicate is pretty normal for humans. But once you have learned to lead horses the way they want to be led, you see that you have a formula of communication that works with all living things, which will give you this sense of belonging I spoke about earlier. This will allow you to make changes in the world and create a higher vibration within yourself and others. Once you have danced with a horse to win the right to lead him and the bond is deeper than you knew was possible, life will have new meaning.

Life becomes experiments of the heart.

You can see your role and the opportunity to raise the consciousness of man, and you create more harmony around you.

Once a horse has brought your spirit alive by experiencing a spontaneous dance created from your leadership communication, you become inspired to want to make a difference in the world from what you truly enjoy doing. Money will never replace a need for fulfillment or sense for belonging. Learning how to develop this dance with a horse will open you to yourself. Your reason and purpose for being alive will be clearer. In this clarity, you may find your calling or discover a deeper meaning to what you already enjoy doing that creates your fulfillment.

It is my theory that if everyone were to follow their calling, the world of man would find a universal wholeness and loving interconnectedness that would support the web of life and all living creatures great and small. Horses can open the door to loving all things when the walls come down and the dance has no more importance than to dance with a horse where the bond is deeply shared between you. The meaning of life emerges from the dance and I get to watch people heal and I get to make a difference in the world from what horses have taught me about compassion, care-taking leadership and the love of community.

– Carolyn Resnick

Hope you all got a really good start of the year. Here all is moving forward with ease and joy. Michelle arrived in the beginning of January and it is such a pleasure to have her here, she is a real “HorseNanny” and Jack, Spirit, Elena and Magic have all fallen in love with her.

Right now I am preparing for Rosanna to arrive for a 3 day one to one clinic, which you will hear more about.

Much sunshine and love from St. Vincent


Colors are the smiles of Nature.
Aww Jack, ready to capture more hearts…Rosanna are you ready?

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