2017 – Fifty, Fat and Finished…or..

Fifty, Fit and Fantastic? Starting the new year, I realized I am going into my fiftieth year and I had to make some new decisions to be better fit for riding. The first one was to shred some weight that had sneaked on in 2016 and the second was to once again exercise my riding muscles and improve my balance. I have been juicing for 9 days, weight has dropped, I feel great and confident to reach my goals to become a better and lighter rider for my horses. I am ready to be fit and fantastic.

The year of 2016 was an amazing year in so many ways; at our Climate Center and Eco Lodge, we moved forward with our organic food production, installed solar panels, received awards for climate smart farming and our impact in the nearby communities grew.

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Overall, we had more students on climate, diving, community work courses and also more horse students. I did one clinic in Europe and one clinic in St. Vincent, and more people found their way to our center for horse hikes, lessons and demos throughout the year. The horses did well even though there are fewer of them. I had reduced the herd number from 5 to 4 as Moonlight came to live with Tishorn, a young farmer and artist from the nearby village of Chateaubelair. Moonlight was born at our center in the summer of 2007, and she grew up to be an open, kind and brave little girl. Right now she is living nearby with another two horses and is expecting her first foal. She surely looks happy with her new family.

So Jack, Spirit, Magic and Elena are here at the center. Through our lessons with Sam Harvey from Alternative Horsemanship and online hoof lessons we are again moving forward in terms of strength, communication and skills. I am looking to increase the herd from the current original four members to five, this or next year. To offer riding lessons for more people we need a bigger horse who can carry a bigger rider. I do have a few horses in mind but no plan as to when it will happen.

For 2017 I will do two clinics in Scandinavia and another one here at the center in December. I am excited to offer Rainforest rides at the end of our clinics.

Once again Happy New Year from St. Vincent and I hope to be in touch with you soon.

Kind regards Stina and the herd.

Enjoy some more photos from one of the 2016 students Louise – Companion Walking with Jack in the garden.

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and if you did not yet read Petra’s great blog yet – click here!


  1. I wish you and all the horses all the best for 2017! Definitely you will be fifty fit and fantastic! Last year was amazing and things get better with time so I think we all shall have high goals for ourselves and work patiently towards them throughout the year. I miss you, the horses and Richmond very much. Looking forward to see you again one day. Big hugs to ya all ❤

    • Dear Jonna, thank you so much for writing in. Glad you had an amazing last year and maybe 2017 will be even better. I can see you go for that.
      We miss you here too. New horse girl Michelle arrived so you will hear more from us.
      We have had 6 amazing weeks with Sam here, a great horse trainer from USA. Stay tuned for our next blog . Ride or Catch a Ride.
      Sunshine, rain and wind

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