Whohoo! Sahaja is on!

My  annual Caribbean Clinic is almost here! We have prepared here at the center and we know you have too! You’re packing, checking tickets, bringing chocolates… (!) and sending  your very last questions about this exciting adventure.

We already have a few requests for the Sahaja 2017 clinic and if you are interested, don’t wait too long to book and get on the list. It will run from 2nd till the 6th of December and I will include elements of riding and trimming for those who want to have a beginners look at how to trim.

Waterhole Rituals Connecting with horses is not a method. It is a way to allow your awareness and perception to recover and improve. With this comes a new understanding in regards to horse behavior, human behavior and communication between the two. Humans and horses are beings with many social skills and able to communicate and enter into a relationship with each other which can grow to a real friendship based on mutual respect and dignity.

During the clinic you will learn what the horse is telling you with her facial expressions, behavior and body language. You will be able to learn to recognize what the horse is feeling, what kind of personality she has and what is needed in the situation to feel comfortable and willing. You will learn to respond to what you see, because now you have learnt what you see. It’s not about tricks, dressage or obedience, it’s all about communication.


Enjoy a video from the first clinic I held in St. Vincent, 2011


First we learn from the horse. We also learn to let go of ambitions, wanting to be nice, possessiveness, perfection or looking for control. Then later the horse learns from us. But it starts with us getting “back to school” and we will sit down and learn from the horse. The horse will be at the board, we will observe, listen and learn.

Enjoy some testimonials from other clinics and I look forward to see you soon!

Much sunshine and rain

Stina and the herd.



“Yesterday I watched and experienced some of Stina’s thoughts on interacting with horses. It was a lesson in building relationships were trust, respect and caring are keys to understanding, to a communication that makes anything possible. A communication without struggle, without use of force. It was a lesson in awareness of both mine and the horse’s body languages, it was a lesson for life. Thank you, Stina.”

– Catherine, participant Sahaja 2015. 




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