I cannot teach you how to ride..

What I can do is to share with you our journey, as happy amateurs on an island with no riding instructors, on untrained horses,  how we connected under saddle.

I think it is only nice to ride a horse if the horse would like to ride with you. Here are some videos how we started our horses under saddle. This has been a beautiful journey and it has worked well with three of my horses. One thing is to start a horse under saddle, another thing is to train the horse to carry a rider and perhaps most important is to train the rider. Becoming a good rider is not easy and takes a lot of guided practice.

The rider needs great balance, focus, body awareness, patience, strength and flexibility. If you like to be a good ride for your horse, it’s important that you take the time and dicipline to get fitfor it.

Here are some videos from our journey connecting under saddle – you are welcome  join us for the next chapters.

Kind regards Stina

Chapter 1 – Visualization

Chapter 5 – From the beginning with Elena

Chapter 7 – Preparing to Sit Up

Chapter 11 – Balance with Elena

Chapter 12 – Game with Elena

Chapter 14 – Starting Jack

Chapter 21 – Trail Training Elena

Chapter 25 – Elena’s first Trail Ride

Chapter 27 – Trail Training Jack

Chapter 28 – Trail Training Darling

Chapter 30 – Another Kind of Ride

Chapter 31 – in the making…..


  1. I have found that it’s difficult to find a riding school where you learn the “natural” methods from the start. The “natural horsemanship” is usually only offered as lessons to experienced riders (at least in Poland and the Netherlands, where I checked), and I think it’s a shame…

  2. Yes it is still quite new to have schools that offer another way of starting to ride, by first building the relationship. But if you were here, i guess i could teach you how to ride….
    Much sunshine!

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