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I used to read Little Love’s stories and enjoyed them a lot. The other day, I reconnected with Katariina as I came across a new blog she had just written. I would like to share it with  you and hope you enjoy Katariina’s writings it as much as I do!


“I remember when I first met my own horse, Little Love. For the longest time I pinned her as hysterical, untrustworthy and perhaps a bit stupid. I thought she was frustrating, bad-mannered and ditsy. It took me years to see who she really was under all that fussing and stressing, and once I did, she was nothing like the horse I had met years before. Little Love was one of the most co-operative, sensible, peaceful and wise souls I have ever had the privilege to know. I could not have been more wrong about her in the beginning and my only regret is that it took me so long to truly “see” her. By then I also understood that all that other stuff, the hysteria and craziness, was just her way of shouting louder at us humans to finally get our attention. Because none of us were ever truly listening.

People say horses are our mirrors. And this is definitely true, to a certain extent. Often when horses are with us, their behavior is a direct response to our own behavior and attitude. But that is only half the truth. Horses may be our mirrors, but they are also unique individuals. And until we sense and understand the deepest truth of each individual horse, until we see her or him as who they really are, we cannot achieve true connection.”

Read more and follow Katariina’s blog here.


Many greetings and much sunshine from St. Vincent. In the next blogs you will hear about the upcoming Sahaja Clinic and what’s on at the center with Nele, Elena, Magic, Spirit, Jack and Moonlight.



Nele and Jack and more to come…

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