Sahaja 2016: Lessons 4, 5, 6 & 7

This years Sahaja Clinic is coming up on the 3rd of December and preparations have started with the arrival of working student Nele from Germany.

We’re all very excited to have Nele here and we will finally be able to continue our riding program so at this years clinic we will be able to offer a possibility to do a rainforest ride.

Enjoy a few pictures from the horses and from around the farm.


In this exciting 5-day clinic, you will learn to take the fundamentals of how to work with a horse at liberty, inspired by herd behavior, to the next steps.
The way that horses interact with each other maintains cooperative relationships, safety and survival. With introductory liberty work, the horse becomes willing participants. Then you will learn how to translate that knowledge and understanding to the back of a horse.

“Sahaja” means “natural, simple, spontaneous and easy in Sanskrit, one of the 22 listed languages in India. ”Sahaja” also means “born with.” You can learn to speak with horses; it is in fact very easy, you know it already, you were born with this ability.

All you need to do is to remember.

Just write for more info on how to join –


Much sunshine and greetings from St. Vincent







  1. Wow! Your videos are magical!
    And really funny – one week ago I dreamed about my upcoming holidays in st. Vincent and there I saw a German working student!

    Also hallo Nele, freu mich schon drauf sich kennen zu lernen! Hoffe du bist am 16. Dezember noch dort.

    King Regards from Austria.
    Counting the days to have the chance to learn from you!

    • hello!

      ja die freude ist ganz meinerseits! Wir haben noch ein Stück Arbeit vor uns, aber ich bin ganz zuversichtlich, dass wir auch etwas unter dem Sattel machen können in der Clinic 🙂

      I am working hard on making a riding part possible for the clinic.
      Looking forward to welcoming you all in December on the beautiful island of St. Vincent 🙂


  2. Thanks for your comment all the way from Austria and glad you like the videos! I will make sure Nele reads your message and we look forward to see you here.
    Much sunshine Stina

  3. Beautiful! This is such a magical place, so peaceful itself. When you learn about the right way of being with horses in St. Vincent, it’s like the nature is part of your lessons.

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