Improving man’s ethics.

Humans in their search for pleasure and affluence has exploited nature without any moral restraint to such an extent that nature has been destroyed almost incapable of sustaining healthy life. The invaluable gifts of nature, such as rivers and oceans, forests and wetlands, air and agriculture have been polluted with disastrous consequences.

da9Man is now searching for ways and means of overcoming the pollution problem as his health too is threatened. He also feels that it is irresponsible and morally wrong on his part to commit the future generations to a polluted planet. If man is to act with a sense of responsibility to the natural world, to his fellow human beings and to future generations, he has to find an appropriate environmental ethic today to prevent further aggravation of the present pollution problem.

Being with and connecting with horses can improve man’s ethics. Being surrounded by incredible views, amazing rivers and rainbows while at the same time being wrapped into the music of the ocean and the rainforest is a heart opening experience.

I would like to share some beautiful images with you of Laura, Magic, Moonlight and Elena playing on the Richmond Beach. This will be one of our classrooms for the Sahaja Clinic coming up in December.

I think  beauty, nature and horses can bring out the best in people. Hope to see you in December.

Kind regards Stina



    • Dear Sophie, thank you for reading my blog. Glad you can find some inspiration. Maybe we meet one day.
      Horses can help us become better persons!
      Much sunshine Stina

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