A fine, elegant and detailed body language

Johnny: Last weeks class had a special environment.  It was Sunday 7:30 am, a sunny day and with the Caribbean Sea in the background and we started the class with a delicious coffee, sitting in the garden near Jack, who ate quietly near us while we drank our coffee. Jack, was curious at times, disengaged other times and  concentrated in his questions.

Every day my interaction with Jack becomes more concise, not only what I feel but what I see and I can analyze the body language of Jack, all of this thanks to previously acquired knowledge about this interesting language and these strong and free horse, which every day becomes more ¨real¨ experience, real in the sense that when you think you are speaking the language of a horse, you maybe think, it might sound a little weird, but obviously the horses have a fine, elegant and detailed body language.

Today’s activity was to walk to certain points, indicating certain goals before moving, these exercises have been very important and enriching as strengthen the relationship and I start to become a common person for Jack, for me this exercises strengthens the bond and clarifies the language.

I can not wait to continue this fabulous learning process.

MariaToday’s class, like the above classes has been very interesting, this time I was accompanied with a new partner, Maria Isabel. By observing how it interacts Maria Isabel with horses, I can feel a small sense of pride to be aware of how much I have learned in recent days, about the language of horses, I also feel like Jack recognized me more, just as it has increased mutual trust between us has increased, our connection and communication.


There is still a long journey ahead in this wonderful and new knowledge about the language of the horses, but I feel very happy with the progress that I can perceive in the few classes I’ve ever had.

I recently read in a book called ´From animal to gods¨, written by Yuval Noah Harari, in this book said, that horses were domesticated by humans around the year 4000 BC, this made me think about all the time the humans has being interacting closely with this beautiful animal, but how little has actually be taught this beautiful language, all this drives me to want to know and learn more, in addition to how much I have been able to use this learning in my daily life, this due to enormous enrichment that has produced my observation and focus on body language.

Thank you Johnny.

Jack is good at training us to being more present, because if we are not, Jack will make his own program. He actually responds best when we give him 100% attention. Once you have Jack’s trust and you are clear and focused about what you want to achieve, Jack will do anything you ask him. He does not have many opinions and generally likes all the lessons, but being present is the main key to make it all work.

So Johnny, Jack and I have now covered topics like bonding, trust, focus, clarity, direction, communication and presence  from the ground. Over the next lessons we will use these topics from the back of Jack.

Much Sunshine from St. Vincent

Kind regards Stina

Stay with us and learn about horses


Stina and Jack on a quiet rainforest ride



  1. Amazing. Starting the training with a coffee beneath the horses… Learning the language of horses in that slow, natural and respectful way full of awareness….. Reading this makes me feel happy, peaceful and very hopeful…. Looking forward to read about the next lessons!

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